The Beach

Two reason I LOVE summer: Long days at the beach and sleeping until 1 p.m. or later. During school I always feel so sleep deprived, but after only two days I feel better than I have in a long time.

Today was my third day of advance surfing lessons. Dad wanted me and mom to train so we could ride waves with him in Hawaii, which is where we’re spending Christmas. Our instructor, Brody, could be a cover of ‘GQ.’ The dude is hot. He just graduated from my school and he’s going to Pepperdine in the fall. Right now he’s working at one of my Uncle Craig’s surf shops. He used to date my cousin Elizabeth, so we hung out a few times last summer. But she dumped him for Raj, super dumb move if you ask me. Brody is so much cuter, but Raj treats her like a princess and buys her crap all the time. I don’t want to call her shallow, but…

Any way, I was shocked when he asked if I wanted to go to dinner with him. He asked me in front of my mom. He told her, that he knew he was a little old for me, but he liked spending time with me. Like a million butterflies took flight in my stomach. Mom said I could go if I wanted, but she gave me a curfew. I was like, sure, all casual and everything. But inside I was about to die. Later she told me if I ever felt uncomfortable to call her and she would come pick me up. As if.

When Marnie and Sara found out about Brody they freaked. I don’t know a girl in school who wouldn’t sell her soul to go out with him. Marnie accused me of doing some kind of love spell to get guys to like me. I have to admit, I have been on kind of a lucky streak. They’re calling me the Love Witch, so I changed the title of the blog to The Witches Diaries, plural, because I’ll be telling their stories too. And if I’m a witch 😉 Well, my friends must be too.

Now I have to conjure up something to wear. Ack!