Party Update

I’m a terrible, awful person, but, um, so happy right now. So the party was so packed we moved everything out to the pool and beach. I didn’t know about half of the people who were there. But it was so much fun! Wild, but fun. It was like everyone was feeling this sense of freedom and we all just let go. I’m pretty sure Jordan and his gang were wasted before they ever arrived. They were trying to surf in the dark. Idiots. I really don’t see why Sara likes him so much. He’s such a douche to her. Seriously. I wanted to punch him in the face when he kissed skanky Carly right in front of her. He told Sara that he didn’t mind being in a relationship during school, but in the summer he liked his freedom. She can do so much better.

Marnie was the dancing Queen. She had everyone on the beach dancing, and it didn’t hurt that my dad hired the best band ever. They’re doing some of the music for his new movie. Oh, yeah, and then there was him. Boardshorts, bare feet and a retro t-shirt. The guy does crazy things to my heart. And he was so sweet and friendly. The whole cast was. They talked to everyone.

But back to me being a VERY bad girl. So I was in the kitchen asking the caterers to restock the ice out by the pool and he walked in. He said he was looking for my dad’s office. That Dad had recommended he read a certain book for research. I was more than happy to be his tour guide and I helped him search for the book. After we found it, he just kind of stood there and looked at me. He told me that he’d never seen anyone as beautiful as me. That he knew it was wrong but every time he saw me he wanted to kiss me. Right after my heart returned from my toes to my chest, I felt very brave. I told him, he should do it. That I wasn’t going to tell anyone. He watched me for a long time, but he didn’t move. So then I walked up to him and wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him. He was kind of hesitant at first, but man, that dude can kiss. Someone dropped something in the kitchen and he jumped away from me. He said, “sorry.” And then he almost ran out of there.

By the time I made it back to the beach he and the other actors were gone. But you know what? I got my kiss. I sort of lied about not telling anyone. When I told Marnie and Sara they freaked out in a good way. They called me a manipulative ho, but they were both so jealous. 🙂 They’re crashed in my bed right now, which means I either get my butt up and head downstairs to one of the guestrooms or I crash on the couch. I’m voting for the couch.


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